Nicky G

You can listen to Nicky G Mon-Fri Morning's 10am-12pm on SUN969.

Nicky G here with a few random facts about me that you probably don’t need to know…

I grew up in the notorious ‘lock ‘n’ load’ Northern suburbs of Adelaide, where a commodore sporting a chevy badge was a common sight and a couch on your front porch displayed a certain social status (usually drug dealer)

  I made it out alive, but not without acquiring a deeply ingrained love of gangsta rap and Aussie hip hop (think Wu-Tang Clan, 2pac and of course hometown boys, The Hilltop Hoods)

My prior criminal convictions were wiped when I turned 18. Thank f@ck.

You can listen to me talk, at fifteen minute intervals, for about 60 seconds without actually really saying anything (An achievement that should have an ACRA category, in my opinion) every weekday between 10 and 12 on Sun969.

I also promise to give sh!t away at random times to random events in the simplest possible way. You don’t like jumping through hoops, and neither do I – Lets keep it simple.

Satanic rituals…well, no burning candles or chanting, I simply sh!t stir, mostly to win bets placed on individuals’ reactions to different types of sh!t stirring, and sometimes purely for entertainment purposes.

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